12 Yummiest Snacks in Kerala

A trip to Kerala will not be complete without sampling the best delicacies the state has to offer. Of special note are the varieties of snacks that are specific to each region within God’s own country.

Most of the yummy snacks that Kerala is famous for, are in fact quite easy to procure, even for the lay traveller. The food may seem gourmet on first appearance, but they are indeed affordable, and their taste is unparalleled.

One particular feature that sets these snacks apart from others in South India is the use of coconut oil. It adds a distinct flavour to the native foods, and it certainly makes the snacks that much tastier.

Each part of Kerala has its own specialty snack, so be sure to savour the local dishes to have a well-rounded experience of the region you are visiting.

Some of these delicious dishes are easily available year round, while others are reserved for festivals and special occasions. Whether you’re looking for a little sweet something to wind up your meal, or a savoury tea time snack, you can find it all in enchanting Kerala.

Here’s an infographic with a list of lip-smacking delicacies you must relish on your next trip to Kerala!

12 Yummiest Snacks Kerala in Kerala


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