You don’t have to go Kashmir to enjoy a Shikara boat ride. Just head over to Kundala Lake, Munnar.

Shikara Boat at the Kundala Lake, Munnar by luckydesiShikara Boat at the Kundala Lake, Munnar, a photo by luckydesi on Flickr.

You can enjoy the shikara boat ride and the cool, green Munnar! You get to see the scenic tea gardens, surrounding hills and take a round or two in the Kundala Lake.


Pleasure Boating in Kundala lake, Munnar

Shikara Boating in Kundala lake, Munnar, a photo by arunar on Flickr.

The Shikara ride is unbelievably romantic and those visiting Munnar for their honeymoon trip should definitely go for this.
Kundala Dam-4

View of lake of Kundala Dam in Munnar , Kerala, a photo by sanmang610 on Flickr.