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Why Paradise

Kerala Tourism Approved

With Kerala Tourism Approval, you can just rely on this company. Travelling with a government approved company provides safety to you and your family with peace of mind.

Kerala tourism

ISO 9001:2015 Approved

With ISO certification, entire system is streamlined and is in order. There is process for everything and everything works here in a systematic way. This provides extra security to the money you spend. We are the only company with Kerala Tourism approval and ISO certification


14 Years of Experience

With vast experience of 14 years in the industry, we get the best service and best rate from all the hotels across Kerala. This helps any one to have the best experience during his Kerala vacation.

14 year

Rooms to freshup for early arrivals

We provide rooms to freshup for early arrivals of guests as it brings freshness and energitize the entire journey

Room freshup

Experienced drivers

Inevitable part of our team is the presence of experienced, skilled, knowledgeable,trained drivers


Professionally Managed

Managed by professionals who never compromise on quality and standards. We always aim the sky.


24/7 Customer Care

We mean when we claim 24/7 availability. One of us will attend you any time during the tour and make sure any issue is taken care. You can even try calling one of the number in mid night to check this before booking tour with us. During odd time, atleast one of the number will pick your call. ‭081294 33922‬, ‭95670 60761‬, 96337 88866 or the Managing Director directly at 99478 76214

Customer Care

Best Quality Service with affordable pricing

We claim and provide the best service, with a personal touch to each guest with the best rate possible with out compromising on quality of tour.


EMI Facility

We provide EMI facility for payment through credit card, through our website.



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Kerala Tour

2 Lakh +



Customer Care