A detailed itinerary to plan Kerala trip in 3days to cover Munnar starting from Cochin.

This article is written in a conversation style which will be more convenient to understand.

 3 Days and 2 nights

Jisha: Hello is this Mr. Ravi Kumar?

Guest: Yes

Jisha: Good morning Sir! My name is Jisha and I am calling from Paradise Holidays Kerala. This call is in regards to the enquiry you were making on Kerala tour packages.

Guest:  Yes I am looking for Munnar only. How long do you think I should take?

Jisha: Well Sir if it’s only Munnar that you are looking for, then it requires a minimum of 3 days and 2 nights to complete all the sightseeing that we offer. You can also have an extra night added if you are looking for a bit more relaxed one. 

May I know the date when you are planning to take the trip and how many members would be there?  (Collect all necessary details…)

Guest: I am from Bangalore. Do you include flights also?

Jisha: Sir our website has flight bookings. I shall share the link with you. However our package starts from the moment you arrive in Kerala. For Munnar, the ideal arrival and departure point is Cochin either railway station or airport.

1st day sightseeing will be on the way to Munnar where you would see 2 waterfalls i.e. Cheeyapara and Valara waterfalls, tea plantation and few more and then reach the resort by evening. The 2nd day will be the main Munnar attractions covered. All details day wise will be mentioned in the itinerary that I share with you along with the name of the hotels too. 

You can also add Athirapally Waterfalls day visit on the way to Munnar at an extra cost. 

Guest: Is Munnar worth visiting?

Jisha: Sir Munnar is a hill station with breathtaking and mersmersing beauty. This place is sprawling with tea plantations, valleys and mountains. It is definitely a must visit hill station of Kerala. 

I can share itinerary with hotels with 3 star and 4 star with a balcony and a view which will only make your stay totally worth. If the price difference is not much then I strongly recommend you to go for 4 star and enjoy better services and amenities. 

Guest: Will your package include all meals?

Jisha: Sir this package that I am sharing will include complimentary breakfast. If you wish to add dinner I shall have the same included. For lunch, the driver can take you to restaurants close to the sightseeing point that you are at that time however the same is not included in the package.

Guest: Will I get Cochin sightseeing too?

Jisha: Sir the distance between Munnar and Cochin is approximately 4 to 4.5 hours with traffic. Cochin sightseeing totally depends on the time you leave Munnar for Cochin and the time that you have your return planned. The driver will be there till maximum 7 pm on the last day. You would need to leave Munnar really early to get Cochin sightseeing. The driver will guide you in this regard.

I am sharing the itinerary on email and your whatsapp number (after confirming the whatsapp number). Please check and let me know if you want to make any changes or further customization needed.

Thank you for your time Sir.

Will call you tomorrow and we can discuss further.


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