Oceanos Underwater Expo 2019

Oceanos Underwater Expo 2019

We visited Oceanos Underwater expo 2019 which is happening at Darbar hall ground, Kochi from 18th October to 17th November 2019. Below is my experience and review. We always used to wonder how the under see experience is and wanted out children to experience and understand the same. There are rarely this experiences available and… Continue reading Oceanos Underwater Expo 2019

Parumala Church

Kerala has numerous historical delights that would awe and inspire you. The Parumala church is one such place. The centre of attraction is the person that inspired the building of the church—located on the shores of Pampa River near Kottayam. The church and the person behind it act like magnetic forces, attracting thousands of devotees… Continue reading Parumala Church

Weekend Getaway – Palakkad Gap

Lying between Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu and Palakkad in Kerala lies a low mountain pass known as Palakkad gap. It’s noted for its sheer beauty and is thus one of the weekend getaway spots for people in Kerala and Coimbatore. The belief is that the Bharatha puzha originates from this spot through small rivulets and tributaries.… Continue reading Weekend Getaway – Palakkad Gap