Valentine’s Day Packages to Kerala

Do you want to go somewhere special for this Valentine’s day? Valentine’s is a special occasion to celebrate your love. It is an ideal time to indulge in a romantic gateway. Kerala is one such place where the nature rejuvenates you from the stress of life and help you to love more! We have many…

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Traversing Backwaters of Kuttanad

Kerala Houseboat Ride in Kuttanad

This is the fourth post in Kerala backwater series. In this post we are exploring Kuttanad and its backwater stretches…Kuttanadu is called the rice-bowl of Kerala. It is the area of lowest altitude in Kerala. As a consequence, farming here is carried on below sea level! ¬†Kuttanadu has some legend associated with the origin of…

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25 Stunning Sunset in Kerala

Alappuzha beach

Kerala is indeed blessed with varied topographies. Rolling mountain ranges, beautiful hill stations, tranquil backwaters, long winding rivers, wonderful stretches of beaches….one can feel nature very closely. Few of the Sunset in Kerala pics are provided below It sure has its drawbacks…but the nature and its raw beauty beckons people to come back, over and…

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Bird Sanctuaries of Kerala

Birds In Kerala

Bird Sanctuaries of Kerala is ever attracting one for the bird watchers. Almost 28% of the total land area of Kerala state is forest…yes, dense tropical forest. So naturally, it is home to many species of birds and animals. Many of these forest areas are now protected and declared as wildlife sanctuaries and reserves. Pond…

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Elephants and Kerala Culture

“Sons Of Sahya” as they are called, the elephants of Kerala live in the lower regions of the Western Ghats.(sahya is the name of Western Ghats in Sanskrit). Their natural habitat are the cool forests with moist leafy undergrowth suitable for the soft skin of their feet. They move in herds headed by a strong…

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