Travel Photography: Images of 23 Beaches of Kerala

Do you love beaches? Do you love walking through sandy beach-side enjoying colorful sunsets? Then Kerala is the place for you. Beaches of Kerala is an article provide all details of this.

Kerala is the southernmost tip of Indian peninsula. Geographically, western side of the state is the Arabian sea. So the coastal region stretches from one end of Kerala to the other. And that means Kerala is lined with beaches all through its length!!
From sandy beaches to rocky stretches to cliff beaches…Kerala is blessed with many beautiful, spectacular beaches. There are many hidden gems which the tourism world hasn’t tapped yet.

Through this blog post, let me take you through a picture tour of  23 Exotic beaches of Kerala.

Bekal Fort BeachBakel Fort Beach

Calicut BeachCalicut Beach

Chal Beach KannurChal Beach Kannur – Image Credit by Sandeep Gangadharan via Flickr

Chavakkad BeachChavakkad Beach – Image Credit by Fameleaf is snoozing via Flickr

Cherai BeachCherai Beach

Drive in Beach MuzhuppilangadDrive in Beach Muzuppilangad

Chowara Beach

Chowara Beach

Fort Kochi Beach

Fort Kochi Beach – Image Credit by Vishnuprasad via Flickr

Kadalundi Beach

Kadalundi Beach – Image Credit by Navaneeth K N via Flickr

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach

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Shankumugham BeachShankumugham Beach

Kappad Beach

Kappad Beach – Image Credit by Dijaraj Nair via Flickr

Kappil Beach

Kappil Beach

Kollam Beach

Kollam Beach

Marari Beach

Marari Beach – Image Credit by Nborun via Flickr

Meenkunnu Beach

Meenkunnu Beach

Sneethatheeram Beach

Sneehatheeram Beach

Varkkala Beach

Varkala Beach – Image Credit by Vineeth Radhakrishnan via Flickr

Vizhinjam Beach

Vizhinjam Beach

Yes, beaches does have a charm and mystery that beckons us to visit them again and again. They are fun at the same time relaxing! They can calm us and give us an inner peace much more than any other place on earth! Well, that has been my experience. I simply love walking through these sandy beaches, enjoying panoramic sunsets…hand in hand with my loved one (and of course.. eating peanuts!!)

I am sure you will love them too! When you plan your Kerala tour, do visit some of these spectacular beaches in Kerala. You can ask your tour operator to plan your Kerala tour package itinerary including them.

Note: Some images are from our collection while some are by awesome photographers who shared them via Flickr and other websites. We have used these images following the Flickr guidelines on photo sharing on blogs. Due credit is given under each image. If any of the copyright holders have any objection, please shoot a email to sunu at, I will get the image removed.

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