Kattil Mekkathil Temple

Kattil Mekkathil Temple is a Devi temple at Ponmara, Chavara in Karunagappily Taluk of Kollam. Believers throng to the temple to pray deeply. The goddess grand wish once you pray here with love and devotion. The main deity here is Bhadrakali, and the locals call her Kattil Mekkathil Amma

It might be a little difficult to spot Kattil Mekkathil Temple when you travel along the national highway. The positive vibrations eating from the place struck us on reaching the temple. You will have to take a boat or RoRo services to reach the temple because its located in an aisle. 

One thing that instantly catches your eye at Kattil Mekkathil Temple is the huge banyan tree. Called the tree of bells,  the tree has thousands of bells around it. The devotee walks around the temple several times in total devotion and prays for favors before tying the bells.

Devotees do pradakshinam, encircling the tree. The tingle of the thousands of bells chiming uniformly in the chorus is nothing short of divinity-like feel.

The History of Kattil Mekkathil Temple

Kattil Mekkathil Temple has a glorious history of its name. Centuries-old, the temple is famous for its numerous rituals and traditions. Chera Kingdown has taken over this. They ruled from Gokarna to Kanyakumari and Madurai in the east. Ettukettu house was there years ago in the northern part of Ponmana.

Hospitality and good nature was the people lived there famous for. The TS Canal was the main channel for cargo carriers in those times. Big boats were travelling through this canal

The patriarch of the house and a few others traveled to Aleppey to buy fertilizers for their crops. An young girl in the market got his attntion and he felt deep connection and love. He brought the girl home and looked after her. Once the girl became an adult, he married her off to a young boy. Years passed. 

A few God-seeking men visited the area of Kattil Mekkathil Temple and seeing the magnificent sand kissed land, the Arabian ocean in all its glory, and the isle, they believed that it would be a land where the goddess would like to reside. They charted a place for temple under the guidance of goddess.

Eventually, a shrine was dedicated to the goddess, and an idol was brought in from Chengannoor. Ever since then, devotees have been thronging the temple with fervent prayers, and the goddess, it is believed, will grant every heartfelt prayer. 


The most alluring fact of Kattil Mekkathil Temple is that it is located right in the midst of the sea and the ocean. The presence of huge expanse of sandy beach and the beauty of the TS Canal adds to the magical and mystical quality of the place. If you are visiting Kollam anytime in the near future, do make it a point to visit the temple as it is one of the stunning tourist attractions in Kollam

The silence and the devotion of the people render the place a positive atmosphere, leaving the area charged with energy. Absorb the energy, and you will definitely feel the difference in your life as well. 


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