Selecting Vehicle for Kerala Tour Packages

There are different vehicle available for your tour. If you are a Keralite, it will not be a great deal for you to choose a taxi for your particular Kerala tour package. However if you wants to choose the best taxi at affordable price and with sufficient arrangements, it will not be that easy. And ofcourse if you are a foreigner, there should be someone to guide you. You need to carefully select the vehicle for Kerala tour package. This is as important as selecting a hotel and destination for your Kerala tour as different vehicles have different seating arrangements. They have different luggage carrying capacity too.

Once before you start a trip, select the best vehicle as per your requirement.

How to select a Vehicle for a Package tour

Package Vehicle requirements can vary based on the number of days, number of people and type of people etc. Therefore a hassle free journey in a regularly maintained vehicle with your most loved ones will be the greatest memorable moments forever.

Timely service with experienced and knowledgeable drivers is the important part in a taxi management system. The quality of your tour also depend in the package vehicle.

Tips for Kerala cab booking

  • Book package vehicle only from reliable tour operators as those drivers will be familiar with the history, museums, sightseeing spots of Kerala. Above all they are safe too.
  • If you are booking taxi from a railway station or airport, book it from prepaid taxi counters only. In addition they have data of the driver drives you.
  • Only use cabs with taxi boards as white board is not allowed for taxi purpose and is illegal
  • If you are planning for one day plus tour packages its better to hire a taxi for the entire journey, how ever it would be cheap too
  • Its not mandatory however its generous to give a tip to the driver as it please him

Different Vehicles and its seating Capacity

Sl. NoType of vehicleVehicle nameSeating capacityComfortable seating
Vento 4+13
Etios 4+13
26 SeaterErtiga6+15
39 SeaterTembo Traveller99
412 Seater Tembo Traveller1212
517 Seater Tembo Traveller1717
619 Seater Tembo Traveller1919
726 Seater Tembo Traveller2626
827 Seater Tembo Traveller2727
932 Seater Bus3232
1034 SeaterBus3434
1149 SeaterBus4949

Sedan Vehicle for Kerala Tour

  • Maruti Suzuki Dzire and
  • Toyota Etios

6-Seater Vehicle for Kerala Tour

  • Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and
  • Chevrolet Enjoy and
  • Toyota Innova and
  • Toyota Crysta

9 Seater Vehicle for Kerala Tour

  • Tembo Traveller

12 Seater Vehicle for Kerala Tour

  • Tembo Traveller

17 Seater Vehicle for Kerala Tour

  • Tembo Traveller

19 Seater Vehicle

  • Tembo Traveller

26 Seater Vehicle

  • Tembo Traveller

27/34 Seater Vehicle

  • Bus and
  • 49 Seater Bus

In conclusion, it is advised to book vehicle depends on the number of people travelling and the luggage you are planning to carry for the tour. In addition you need to understand that unlike other places luggage carrier is not allowed in Kerala. Above all it makes the trip more comfortable sitting relaxed in a vehicle for many hours together.


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