Into the land of Mahabali and Onam – Onattukara

In Kerala, the Onam season has just finished. But the memories created during each Onam carry on forever. People visit their near and dear ones and spend time with them to celebrate the special occasion of Onam, and they carry these memories with them when they go back. This article will talk about a special place for Onam – Onattukara in the Alleppey district, or the Land of Onam. Also known as Onacaud, Onattukara is a feudal land that existed far back into the 12th century. Hence, Onattukara is fondly called the Land of Maveli.

The belief is that when Mahabali ruled Kerala, Lord Vishnu, in the form of Vamana, came to the king to ask for three feet of land. The king, though highly respected among his subjects and highly generous, had a twinge of pride. So when Vamana asked for three pieces of earth, Mahabali readily agreed to it.

Little did the king know that the Lord could cover the entire earth in a single stride. After the first two paces, Vamana had no more land to place his foot for the third pace. That’s when King Mahabali offered his head in the place of the third foot of land. Onattukara is located at the place where Mahabali knelt before the Lord to provide his head. Onattukara, thus became revered and holy, forever.


As the name suggests, Mavelikkara is the land of Maveli and is a part of Onattukara. Mavelikkara is one of the places in Alleppey and has a rich history of its own. The land has delivered eminent personalities and had close ties with the Travancore royal family.

Mavelikkara, though, had its rich history and tradition and made its advancements as well. For example, even before India gained its freedom from the British, Mavelikkara was known for its super express transport service to the south, extending to Trivandrum.

Chettikulangara Devi Temple


Image by Hellblazzer via Wikimedia

Chettikulangara Devi temple is a world-famous temple in Mavelikkara and is one of the wealthiest temples in Kerala. The main deity is Sree Bhadrakali and considered to be the religious-cultural icon of Onattukara. However, there aren’t any authentic study materials. The temple dates to more than 1200 years.

A belief is that the temple was built by Padmapada Acharya, a close disciple of Adi Shankara, on the Uthrittathi day of Makara month in A.D 823. One can feel the strong vibrations of the divine as soon as you step into the premises.

Kandiyoor Mahadeva Temple

Kerala has some incredible temples. Kandiyoor Mahadeva is Lord Shiva, and this temple is the first Shiva temple in Kerala. It is one of the 108 temples in Kerala that Parasurama established.

Devadasis are women dedicated to the temple, and they have rights to it. The temple is known for its six shiva linga Artistas and other sub-deities, including Ganapathy, Moola Ganapathy, Annapoorneshwari and Subrahmanyan.

Evoor Krishnaswamy Temple


Image by  Sivahari via Wikimedia

Evoor Krishnaswamy Temple is an important Sree Krishna temple at Mavelikkara, and the people of Onattukara consider it to be their Guruvayoorappan. The temple is mythologically relevant and is one of the 26 important shrines of Lord Vishnu. Another belief is that Kanva Maharishi, one of the Saptarishis, had his residence here.

Buddha Statue


Image by Ranjithsutari via Wikimedia

There is an influence of Buddhism in Kerala, and the statue of Buddha near the Sree Krishna temple in Mavelikkara is evidence of that. Another belief was that Maveli himself was a Buddhist. 

Padanilam Parabrahma temple


Image by Vaishni via Wikimedia

The temple has close ties with Onattukara. Rituals like ‘Padanilam Padayani’, ‘Nandikesha Kettu’, a festive associated with the bull cult and Shivarathri are the main festivals in this temple.


Onattukara is a land of rituals, traditions, beliefs and colourful spectacles. It would take you through a rich story that was once the very backbone of Kerala. You can still feel the deep vibrations of pure devotion emanating from this place, making you feel closer to God and the love he gives to all.

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