The Mesmerizing Backwaters of Kerala: A Photo Blog

The backwaters of Kerala have always been one of the greatest tourist attractions in the state. The tranquility and sereneness that can be found in the regions surrounding the water are truly unmatched.

The backwaters run along the entire length of the state of Kerala, covering several districts, each with its own unique charm and appeal. They are a maze of interconnected lagoons, canals, lakes and inlets that are home to a dazzling assortment of flora and fauna.

The distinct beauty of the backwaters lies in a combination of the refreshingly cool waterways, the lush green plants and growing along the banks, an unveiled view of the majestic sky, and the general aura of relaxation that seems to permeate the air.

It is quite fascinating to experience a houseboat ride along these inland water bodies. The crisp cool air fills our lungs amidst the gentle cooing of the birds, and the swishing of the coconut trees overhead. The water quietly lapping along the sides of the boat is a beautiful sight for someone who’s just broken out of a concrete jungle.

A tour of these freshwater channels must definitely be on everybody’s bucket list. It is a must-have experience that is sure to double up as a relaxing vacation and a soul detox.

Take a look at some mesmerizing photographs we’ve curated that depict the true beauty of the Kerala backwaters.

Ashtamudi Lake

2.Boat sailing through Ashtamudi Lake

Backwater Kasaragod

3.Backwater Kasargod

Muziris Thrissur

4.Muziris Thrissur

Backwaters near Alleppey

5.Church near Alleppey Backwaters
Backwater Kochi

6.Cochin Backwaters

Backwater Padanna

7.A Villager sailing country boat through Padanna Backwaters

Lake Ashtamudi

8.Fishing in a Country Boat at Ashtamudi lake

Backwater Vaikkom

9.Tourists cruising through Vaikkom Backwater Inlets

Backwaters Kumbalangi

10.Backwaters Kumbalangi

Backwaters of Alleppey

11.Tourists Enjoying the Backwaters of Alleppey

Bolgatty Island kochi

12.Bolgatty Island in its night view

Canal Cruise

13.Canal Cruise

Chandragiri River

14.Chandragiri Backwaters(Payaswini)

Cherai Lagoon

15.Cherai Lagoon

Vaikkom  Backwaters

16.Village Backwater Cruise at Vaikom

Alleppey Backwater Houseboat

17.Houseboat sailing through Aleppey Backwater

Houseboat Kottayam

18.Houseboat sailing through Kottayam Backwaters

Kallai River

19.Kallai Backwaters
Kasaragod Backwater

20.Women sailing the country boat in Kasargod Backwater

Backwater Alleppey

21.Tourists Sailing the Country Boat in  Alleppey Backwater

Backwater Kasargod

22.Backwaters of Kasargod

Kottapuram River

23.Kottapuram Backwater

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Kumarakom Backwater

24.Kumarakom Backwater

Kumbalangi Backwaters

25.Chinese fishing nets at Kumbalangi Backwaters

Backwaters of Kuttanad

26.Backwaters of Kuttanad

Kasaragod Backwaters

27.People using temporary bridge to cross Kasargod Backwaters

Padanna Backwater

28.Padanna Backwater

Poovar Backwater

29.Villagers using Country Boat near Poovar backwater

Vaikkom  Backwater

30.Tourists Cruising through Vaikom Backwater Inlets
Valiyaparamba Backwaters

31.A bridge across Valiyaparamba Backwaters

Alleppey Backwaters

32.A Rainy day at Alleppey backwaters

We hope you enjoyed the stunning pictures that display the glorious backwaters of Kerala. Be sure to include a backwater experience in your next Kerala tour package.


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