9 Enchanting Monsoon Destinations In Kerala

Kerala in South India, is known for its friendly residents, delectable cuisine, magnificent historical sites, captivating backwaters, scintillating landscape and of course, copious rains. When it rains the aroma that emanates from the earth is exclusive only for this place. Monsoon Destinations In Kerala is an article talks about different destinations which should not be missed during this time in Kerala.

And that’s not all. You can enjoy the refreshing greenery and inimitable radiance everywhere. Visitors planning to make a trip down to Kerala would be awed by the sheer beauty of the monsoon season.

Monsoon in Kerala is not only a season of raindrops and rainbows, but is also the time to visit the several outstanding destinations that look absolutely stunning in the rain.

These places in Kerala really do have a seductive glow about them in the rainy season:

  1. KovalamKovalam

Though the best time in the year for visiting Kovalam would be December and January, you can visit the this quaint town near Thiruvananthapuram during June-July season to enjoy the rains. The beach at Kovalam would be decked in all its glory and splendor. Find out whether surfing activities are held during the season so you can have fun surfing.

You can also head to Shanmugham and Veli if you are in the mood for exploring. Or if you prefer to stroll along the beach, while munching sea food and gazing at the sea, so be it. Diving, swimming, parasailing and boating are other activities offered at Kovalam. This is a good Monsoon Destinations In Kerala

  1. AlappuzhaAlappuzha

The palm-fringed beaches offer the perfect backdrop for a romantic back water visit when you are softly lolling in a houseboat in the waters of Marari beach at Alappuzha. This 18th century town rightly deserves its pet name, the Venice of East, a cliché that has been stuck for several years.

Alappuzha is connected by canals to the snaking backwaters, hence the name. The town is so beautiful when it is not raining and is tremendously fabulous when it is not. This is a must visit  Monsoon Destinations In Kerala

  1. MunnarMunnar

An emerald green Munnar welcomes visitors during the rainy season. Alternating between smoky fog and bright sunshine when the sun is allowed to peek, this town in Idukky district wears a scintillating green carpet during the monsoon season. An interesting feature about this town is that the highest areas experience an occasional rainfall, even when it is not the monsoon season.

When you take a trek along the revitalizing tea plantations, you can see the fringes of forests in the background. If you are lucky enough you can see a herd of elephants, a gang of gaur or a bunch of monkeys. Apart from gazing at the green-dotted valleys and hills, you can also get your kick by going mountaineering, hiking and bird watching. This is another Monsoon Destinations In Kerala

  1.  WayanadWayanad

Located in the north-east part of Kerala, this district is at its stunning best during the monsoon season. There are people who visit Wayanad exclusively during the monsoon season because they say the town looks exceptionally beautiful during those days.

Interestingly, Wayanad has two major spells of rainy seasons. One is during the June to August period and the other is during the October to November period.

Places to see in and around Wayanad are Banasura Sagar Dam, Banasura Hill, Thirunelli Temple, Chembra Peak, Edakkal Caves, Soochippara Falls, Heritage sites and Wildlife tours. This is a beautuiful Monsoon Destinations In Kerala

  1. AshtamudiAshtamudi

Tourists flock to this quaint little town in Kollam to enjoy the backwater stretches. The pitter-patter of the raindrops would be in perfect rhythm to the Ayurvedic ‘health and massage spa packages’ that tourists enjoy at one of the resorts.

While you are not pampering yourself at the spa, you can enjoy swaying in a houseboat and watching the glistening waters (during a dry spell). Ashtamudi is thus a favorite monsoon get-away for tourists. This is a good Monsoon Destinations In Kerala

  1. Kumarakomkumarakom

Kumarakom, located 13 kilometers from Kottayam district, is an enchanting backwater destination that you must visit during the monsoon season. This village with its cluster of little islands over the Vembanad Lake is attracting thousands of visitors every year, during all seasons.

Kumarakom is also believed to be an ornithologist’s paradise, because of its rich and varied collection of birds, even the migratory ones. Set amidst sprawling coconut groves, Kumarakom is a treat to the eye. An added attraction of this destination is its “kettuvallom” (rice barges).

You can walk along the hills and relish the mist or have fun with your loved one in a serene embrace, and in complete seclusion. This is an excellent Monsoon Destinations In Kerala

  1. MalappuramThirunavaya

Malappuram is another veritable cornucopia of fun, adventure and activities because you can enjoy the visual delight that it offers in the form of hills, mountains, valleys, backwater spots, plantations and a bird sanctuary. There are some manmade attractions in Malappuram as well, like the historical buildings, for instance.

You can visit the elegant art centers, temples and mosques that form a part of the rich cultural heritage of this town. You can also head to Kottakkunnu, the first fort that was ever built by the Zamorins of Kozhikode.

  1. ThekkadyThekkady

Thekkady is no sleepy little town when you see what it has to offer. Enjoy a visual feast of tropical evergreen and deciduous forests, reed banks, bamboos and savannahs when you tour along the hills, plains and valleys.

A major attraction of this destination would be the Periyar National Park where you get to see some interesting wildlife and aviation population. Other added activities that would make your trip here memorable would be bamboo rafting and jungle night patrol.

  1. AthirapallyAthirapally

The fame of the misty and gorgeous Athirapally Falls still manages to captivate thousands of visitors every year.  The lush greenery stands in perfect contrast to the visual splendor that is offered to please the sense of every viewer. Visiting the falls during the monsoon is a visual treat that still remains unmatched to any other destination in the world.

These are just not the only destinations that you can visit for a visual feast during the monsoon season. You can head to the marine drive at Ernakulam or to Thrissur, the cultural capital (of Kerala) to indulge in the luscious green look that Kerala takes on during the monsoon.

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