How to Plan a 4 Days 3Night Kerala Tour in 2023 with ease

03 Nights and 4 Days Package 

Swethi :  Hello!  I am speaking to Mr. Anand

Guest : Yes 

Swethi : A very good morning Sir. I am Swethi from Pardsie Holidays…calling in reference to an enquiry places by you for Kerala packages .

Guest : Yes …

Swethi : Is this the right time to speak to you.  I may need few minutes just to collect information before customising a package apt for you and your family.

Guest : Please go ahead

Swethi :  Thank You Sir .. To begin with please can you share the date of travel, number of days you would like to plan this vacation for and how many people will be accompanying you. 

Guest : I am planning for 18th Dec  for 04 days with my wife.

Swethi : Is this vacation planned for any specific reason. 

Guest : Yes I am planning to surprise my wife for our 1st wedding anniversary.

Swethi :  That’s  so thoughtful of you , I should be able to help you plan and make sure that this vacation will be memorable one for both of you. 

Guest :  Thank you!

Swethi : Do you have any choice of location in Kerala.

Guest : No, can you help me ?

Swethi : Definitely Sir,  Kerala is blessed with diverse type of regions  like hill station , backwater , wildlife  and  the  beaches.. Which would you prefer..

Guest : Lets go with hill stations and backwaters. 

Swethi :That’s a lovely choice Sir. Amongst the few must visit places in Kerala, Munnar hill stations  and Alleppey Backwaters ranks the top most places  and I am so happy that in 04 days you can cover both these location well.

Guest :  Ok that’s great 

Swethi : Sir have you booked the flight 

Guest : Not yet 

Swethi :  Sir I shall forward you Information chart that will help you with all information regarding travel booking . For example : 

where to book ?
How to book ?
And what is the best arrival and departure timing to be booked. 

The information chart will help you with the inclusions and non inclusion of the package. 

Guest : That will be very helpful.

Swethi : Sir before I explain the places, could you also help me to understand what type of accommodation will be comfortable for you . 

Guest : what do you mean. 

Swethi : Sir we customised the package with hotel with  different category like, 

 Deluxe – which is basically 3star hotels with good hotel rooms , clean bathrooms and with basis amenities. 
Premium –  Which will be 4 star hotels with great location, great view and good amenities.
Luxury –  Which will be 5 star hotels with the best of location, the best of view and the best of amenities.

Guest : Lets go for 04 star

Swethi:  Perfect 

Guest : Could you also share me with Luxury Package 

Swethi : I shall definitely help you with both options. Sir Can I explain the package.

Guest : I am sorry can you forward me the details first . 

Swethi :  I can do that, does this phone number have whatsapp.

Guest : Yes it does. Will you be also sharing the cost of the package?  

Swethi : Yes Sir  I will be sharing you with a PDF with a complete tour planning and costing of the package.  Sir If you don’t mind please can you share me your planned budget. 

Guest :  My Budget will be something around 40 Thousand . 

Swethi :  Thank you sharing your budget Sir , I shall customised a package with the best possible hotel ad also keeping in mind the special occasion you are planning this vacation for .  

Guest : Thank you 

Swethi : Sir when is the best time to call you next , is it ok if I can call you in the evening. I would love to explain the package. 

Guest : Yes please call after 7 pm. 

Swethi : That sound great …Thank you so much Sir for choosing us  for planning your vacation.  Please feel  free to call me anytime for any clarification modification required. I shall be sending the details shortly. 

Swethi : Thank You for the time

Bye Sir…..

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