Vagamon – The Hidden Gem of Kerala Tourism

Vagamon – The hidden gem of KeralaVagamon

Vagamon is a destination which has not been explored by many though the scenic beauty, climate and  attitude of people favours tourist attraction. This blog is about our visit to this destination on October 27th and 28th to understand the potential and accessibility to send our guests. Before visiting this place most of us had the impression that Vagamon has only meadows to see and is just another location, but our views got changed after visiting Vagamon and its definitely a destination which should be considered during a Kerala tour.

A non polluted – No garbage destination is what we can call Vagamon in short.

About this trip to Vagamon

The tour was organised by Tourism Professionals Club (TPC) jointly with Vagamon Hotels association where more than 57 tour operators visited this destination and had a visit to all sightseeing spots, adventurous activities and the accommodation available to our guests to be sent.

Vagamon lies 100 km from Cochin towards East – South direction (almost to the direction of Thekkady) which can be considered as a destination for a day tour or for a 1 or 2 night stay tour from Cochin.

Google Route Map

For a tourist who is in Kerala for few days can opt for the route Cochin – Munnar – Thekkady – Vagamon – Alleppey Cochin or Cochin – Munnar – Thekkady – Vagamon – Alleppey – Kovalam – Cochin. To be more precise we can add Vagamon in between Thekkady and Alleppey to the itinerary.

The Cochin – Munnar – Thekkady – Vagamon – Alleppey – Cochin is a perfect round trip to be considered with a travel of around 700 km including sightseeing (The km mentioned in Google map is with out considering sightseeing)

Google Route Map Distance

To a person who has more time can do Cochin РMunnar РThekkady РVagamon РAlleppey РKovalam РCochin with a travel of around 1100 km including sightseeing  (The km mentioned in Google map is with out considering sightseeing)

Google Route Map from Kochi

Our Trip Started here.

Starting Point

We started by 9.30 and reached Vagamon around 1.30 with a stop over of half hour in between for refreshment. We were greeted in Kerala style with Chendamelam at the first hotel.


Welcoming Guests

After the welcoming address we moved to the lake for adventurous activities which included sip line, boating, bowl boating etc.

The ride through the tea plantations adds much of its beauty and you feel lost with the beauty of this place

The tea plantations spread through out Vagamon with most of the resorts we visited where located inside tea plantations. One can go inside this tea plantations to have memorable photo sessions too. Our visit to most of the good resorts were promising, they are neat, clean with good ambiance. Even the rooms are big enough with tea plantation view from most of the resorts/rooms.

A lovely home like treatment is what Vagamon offer now which become more professional once the tourist flow increases. We could get organic food at all the places, the hotels offered us home grown food including different varieties of authentic food. It was yummy – too tasty though.

The places one can visit/we visited at Vagamon

  1. Tea plantations
  2. Tea Lake
  3. Pine Forest
  4. Murugan mala
  5. Thangal para
  6. Kurisu mala
  7. Orchid Garden
  8. Suicide Point
  9. Paragliding
  10. Water falls
  11. Vagamon Meadows

You can either use your own vehicle to visit these places or can hire jeep for a day/half day to visit the destinations. The attitude of drivers were also appreciable. We felt, they all wanted to make their destination one of the sought after tourist place of Kerala.

Tea Plantations

Vagamon has tea plantations through out with most of the resorts are surrounded. As the plantations are grown by them-self, we can even go inside to take picture

Tea Lake

The Lake has adventurous activities like sip line, boating, etc which can be experienced

Pine Forest at Vagamon

These 50 to 150 feet tall trees is one of the major attractions of Vagamon with many movies been shoot here. You too feel to have a romantic photo session when you enter this cool place. The charm of wind and its murmuring music take you to a different mood.

Murugan Mala

Murugan mala is a hill, around 8km from the hill town, the hill has temple of Lord Murugan erected using a single rock

Kurisu Mala

This is another hill which attracts many devotees as well tourists.

Thangal Para

This is a centre of Muslin pilgrimage. A big rock situated here give name to this place. This is the resting place of Husrath Sheikh Fariduddin Baba a Sufi saint, who is believed to have reached Kerala from Afganistan about 800 years ago is found.

Orchid Garden

This place has around 3000 orchids from various geners. Around 200 roses add beauty to this place. This is yet another destination which should not be missed during a visit to Vagamon

View Point

Scenic beauty can be viewed from this place, best for photo sessions and romantic times.


The only location in Kerala for paragliding, this place provides the unique experience of flying like a bird. Charged at Rs. 3500/- per person this one of a kind experience is a must to do for adventurous people.

Water falls

A small water fall, to enjoy yourself

Meadows at Vagamon

This is the highlight of Vagamon. Better to visit and enjoy meadows in the evening where you can enjoy the scenic beauty around and the beautiful sun from heights. A must visit for your family to enjoy good time at Vagamon.

There are tent camps too available at Vagamon, for those who would like to hug the nature while sleeping.

Souvenir to purchase

You can purchase local made home chocolates, tea while going back from Vagamon

What Vagamon has to offer

  • Excellent scenic beauty through out, calm and quite
  • Clean and pristine with less people around
  • Good accommodation clean and fresh
  • Sightseeing for 1 day
  • Adventurous activities for 1 day including Paragliding
  • Lovely people, good attitude towards tourists
  • Not polluted, fresh air especially in the morning
  • Moderate climate

What Vagamon do not have

  • You dont feel its commercialised to that extend
  • No mobile range for most of the service provider, my airtel had not
  • No Petrol pump
  • Few of the roads are difficult, but manageable
  • Need professional touch at many places, which improves once the destination gets more tourists
  • Tourist activities for families

Overall, Vagamon is a destination which should be considered during a Kerala visit or for a 1 day or 2 day outing for a relaxed vacation. Not far from Cochin we are sure this destination will soon become one of the major tourist attractions in Kerala. We wish and thank everyone who supported us to make this trip a success.

Thank you

Ratheesh R. Nath

Managing Director

Paradise Holidays


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