Magic Planet – Thiruvananthapuram

Abracadabra!  Our attention would be to the voice when we hear these words. Everybody likes magic; there is no age limit for enjoying it. The mystery and suspense makes people love magic. The audience tries their best to find the logic behind it when the magician finishes his trick. If you love magic and enjoyed magic shows in your childhood, then here is a chance to relive it once again in a much grander fashion. There is a whole new perspective of magic at Magic Planet – Thiruvananthapuram, a whole 1.5 acres of it.

Magic Planet – Thiruvananthapuram, renowned for being the first magic park in the world, is a theme park fashioned with the best ideas to invoke the visitor’s curiosity.

It is a place you must visit when you are in Kerala and a top contender among all tourist spots in Trivandrum. A must visit place.

Here are some of the Rides that you shouldn’t miss in Magic Planet – Thiruvananthapuram:

Tempest – The Last Wonder – You may be familiar with the Shakespearean classic – The Tempest. This play is showcased here appealing all age groups in an entrancing manner.

Startup Magic – If you are an aspiring magician or have an inquisitive mind, don’t hesitate to visit this spot. It opens up a whole perspective into the world of magic.

MPower – An incredible platform where differently-abled or specially-abled children can showcase their talents.

Fantasia – This is a different world altogether in a huge air-conditioned auditorium with awesome sounds and stunning graphics that will make you feel it is all so real. 

Mazma – This is a platform where street magicians awe their audience with some sleight of hand. Mind you, this section would keep you enchanted in many ways. 

Kid’s Rainbow Panel at Magic Planet – Thiruvananthapuram- A play zone exclusively dedicated only to kids.

India Gate – This is where you get to watch several magic tricks like India mango tree magic for instance; a must-visit place.

The Rhythm of Wonders – It is a magic of wonders where you can watch in awe as several artists and performers come decked in various outfits. A feast for the eyes, and not to be missed.

Menlo Park – How about mixing magic with science and maths; that would be phenomenal, right? 


The Magic Planet – Thiruvananthapuram is an excellent place to hang out with family because there are many things to do. And get ready to be spellbound. The area is near Kazhakuttam Railway Station and Trivandrum Bus Station, so you can visit other places in Trivandrum after the tour and make your weekend complete.

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