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Athirapilly is a scenic combination of forest and breathtaking cascading waterfall. Athirapally is the largest waterfall of Kerala. Most of the tropical rainforest in this region is unexplored; it is the perfect place for nature lovers. This waterfall is in the entrance of sholayar range: many endangered and endemic species of flora and fauna found in the forests of the Athirapilly-Vazhachal area. There is a pool above and below the falls offer to relax and unwind.  The fall originates from the Western Ghats and joins forces with the Chalakkudy river before reaching its final destination into the sea. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of Athirapally from both the top and bottom of the falls by taking a bath, photos, videos etc. The fantastic blend of cascading waterfall and cold spray surrounding with the present of the beauty of wild forests with natural greenery make this place with a mind-blowing experience.

Athirapilly Waterfalls

Which are the Top Attraction places in Athirapilly ?

Vazhachal Waterfalls

Vazhachal waterfalls are horizontal waterfall, and it is a stunning beauty flowing through the doorway of the Sholayar forest. Unlike Athirapally Waterfalls, Vazhachal flows through an inclined slope of more than 300 feet to descend into a vast pool. Misty waters cascading down in the backdrop of the thick green forest and rocky terrain offer an outstanding experience. Capture the beauty and ethnicity of the place and take a long walk which helps to relax and unwind. With its rainforest charm and fountain of fluffy white stream, make this destination picture perfect and fantastic option for adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers.

Charpa Waterfalls

Charpa falls a fragment of Chalakudy River, cascading with loftiness on the road connecting Atrirapally and Vazhachal. Charpa Waterfalls is a scenic tourist stopover. Charpa waterfall cascades down from a height of 700 ft and falls in seven stages, each of which forms a pool at the base. Surrounded by blooming lush greens, serenity, and tranquillity, make Charpa fall fantastic experience. The green hills with misty cloud running parallel to the breathtaking waterfall create a picturesque natural frame.

Thumboormuzhi Dam

Thumboormuzhi check dam is used primarily for irrigation purposes in Chalakudy region. The dam has a sustained as a lovely garden known as ‘butterfly Garden’. This fantastic garden is known to be home to 148 different species of butterflies. This place is a blend of a dam, butterfly garden, children’s park and hanging bridge, along with all, it is a beautiful experience. Walkthrough the hanging bridge to reach Ezhattumukham- Prakriti Gramam (Nature Village). It is a fantastic view offers walking through the hanging bridge that links the two banks of the Chalakudy River.


Ezhattumugham is a pristine rural village also known as Prakriti gramam. Ezhattumugham, which means the seven faces of a river, also called seven islets. The smaller islets of this place are filled with wild shrubs, trees, birds and squirrels, while on the more prominent islets, cash crops like coconut and banana are grown. The major attractions of this place are Erumadams (treehouses) these treehouses are made of wood, bamboo, coir etc. on top of trees and the experience in that is a great one. The beauty of greenery at the banks of the river is one of the best delights for nature lovers.

Silver Storm Water Theme Park

It is one among the central water theme park of Kerala. It is one of the best eco-friendly parks in India. Snow Park is a recent addition to this decade-old water park it offers a variety of innovative and exciting rides and games and committed to providing safe entertainment in a secure and safe eco-friendly environment. The water comprises dry rides, water rides, a wave pool, rain dance floor, and a snow park. It is a fantastic blend of nature with adventure. All the age category of visitors can have a wonderful time there.


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