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Guruvayur is one of the top pilgrimage destinations in Kerala. Guruvayoor should be declared "the cultural capital of Kerala'.  Guruvayoor is mostly famous for Sree Krishna Temple, which is one of the 108 most divine Vishnu temples in the world. This temple is also known as 'Bhooloka Vaikuntam' which means 'Abode of Lord Vishnu on Earth'. Guruvayur is one of the oldest cities in Kerala, and it is famous for its shrines and historical values along with architectural wonders. Guruvayoor is a thriving township and narrow coastline strip of land on the southwestern edge of Indian subcontinent located in Trichur district. Its scenic beauty and serenity are breathtaking. Guruvayur is also known as centre-points of Keralas literature, arts and culture.

Guruvayur Temple

Which are the Top Attraction places in Guruvayur ?

Guruvayur Temple

Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple is one of the most sacred pilgrim hubs in Kerala. Guruvayur Temple built in around 5000 years ago and the famous idol in the temple is of Lord Krishna.  Lord idol decorated with four hands each carrying a shanku, a mace, a discus and a lotus. This temple often referred to as "Bhuloka Vaikunta". The temple follows a strict dress code for people who wish to enter the Guruvayur Temple. Men need to wear mundu around their waist, without any dress covering their chest.  Women are allowed to wear sari and girls are to wear long skirt and blouses. 

Mammiyoor Temple

Mammiyoor Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, and it is one of the most visited religious places. This temple is known for its beautiful paintings on the walls and the beautiful sculptures. Belief is that Lord Shiva was the original owner of Guruvayur temple and decided to relocate to the current site to place the Vishnu idol in Guruvayur temple. There is a  belief that the spiritual journey is incomplete if they don't visit Mammiyoor Temple, immediately after seeing the Guruvayur temple. Here Lord Shiva appears as Uma Maheshwara Goddess Parvathy sits to the left of Lord Shiva. 

Elephant Camp Sanctuary

The Elephant Camp Sanctuary located in the famous Punnathur Kotta Campus has 65 elephants, all offered by the devotees. Elephants are forbidden to work anywhere else, except in the service of the Lord during temple processions and ceremonies. Watching the naughty baby elephants' and its playing time is an entertaining experience. This place offers a fantastic experience by witnessing elephants bathing and massaging, using small stones and coconut husks. This place offers a wonderful view of elephants within their natural habitat.

Guruvayur Devaswom Institute Of Mural Painting

Guruvayur Devaswom Institute of Mural Painting is one of the fascinating places to see in Guruvayur and is located just near to Guruvayoor Krishan Temple. This institute established in the year of 1989 managed by Guruvayur devaswom. The institute offers programmes in mural painting, art, aesthetics and sculpture. This school follows the traditional system of teaching, and it is the best place for art lovers.This institute conducts various seminars, exhibitions and training programmes related to the heritage of Kerala.

Chavakkad Beach

Chavakkad Beach is famous for Azhimukam, the confluence of the river and sea. This Beach is undoubtedly a delightful retreat, and It is a great place to swim and relax in a serene environment. The Beach is a living amalgamation of sea and river, and a ramchapadam located just nearby this sites famous herb of ramacham. This exclusive blend of natural beauty makes this place absolute delight for honeymooners. This tranquil environment makes this place most memorable. The beachside offers lots of restaurants which serves mouth-watering seafood cuisines. 

Vallabhatta Kalari

Vallabhatta Kalari is one of the most visited ancient martial centres. Vallabhatta Kalari is an institution which imparts knowledge about the different forms of ancient martial arts like the 'Kalaripayatt'. It is a great place to learn the other way of martial arts which dates back many centuries and is a delight to watch. This ancient art form originates from Kerala and transferred from generation to generation. This visual representation offers a journey to experience the many wonders and secrets of this legendary method of combat.


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