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Vagamon also is known as Scotland of Asia, and it is a quiet offbeat hill station in Kerala. It is situated 1200 meters above the sea level and surrounded by the greeny tea gardens, small waterfalls, pine forests, mesmerizing meadows and fresh cold air are makes Vagamon the perfect place for nature lovers.  It has a cold climate with a temperature between 10-23°C during summer midday. Reaching Vagamon itself is a mind-blowing experience because the road to Vagamon cut in solid rock lined with pine forests. The peaceful surroundings with a cold and soft breeze blowing across the valley make this place perfect for meditation.Vagamon is one of India's top adventure tourism spot, with activities such as trekking, rock climbing and paragliding, cycling through the mountains offered to tourists. 

Paragliding in Vagamon

Which are the Top Attraction places in Vagamon ?

Vagamon Pine Forest

Vagamon Pine Forest is a region with acres occupied by magnificent Pine trees the Pine Forest offers travellers some wonderful private moments within great natural surroundings.   The tall and broad trees and the immense lush greenery surrounding offer relaxing and use their time here to relax in the lap of nature or stroll down the hill, it's a beautiful experience being so close to heart. A popular shooting spot for moviemakers, this sparse wood is originally a humanmade one. The phrase walking into the woods might become a living reality here, and it rejuvenates our mind.

Marmalade Waterfall

Maramala Waterfalls is a breathtaking natural water body that cascades from a height of 60 metres. This place is pristine and unspoiled as Vagamon itself, Marmala waterfall nestled within the thick greenery. This Waterfall sits on the river Meenachil surrounded by lush green forests and plantations large rocky face, and it forms a deep pool underneath, surrounded by giant boulders. Marmala Waterfalls are popularly known as the 'enchantress of the jungle'. This unspoiled clear water creates an aura of mist around them. The waterfalls also offer trekking opportunities.

Thangal Para

It is situated 2500 metres above sea level. Thangalpara is a scenic attraction, and it has some spiritual significance in the region. It has a spherical rock formation which is unique. Thangalpara, as the name, refers to a huge rock that sits at the edge that was once the resting place of the Hasrath Sheikh Fariduddin Baba, a revered Sufi Saint. After his death, the stone grew in size—the tomb of the saint located just next to this unique stone. The view from the top of the hill is mind-blowing, and it offers wide picturesque of valleys surrounded by clouds. 

Barren Hills

Barren Hills is a famous attraction with vast stretches of lush green meadows different in each season, and the hills change from dense to bare as the cycle of season rolls on. The sunset views that it offers a mesmerizing view from this place. Because of its terrain, the hills are famous for trekking, paragliding and rock climbing, making it a perfect attraction for adventure seekers. The calm and pleasant atmosphere rejuvenates mind and heart.

Vagamon Lake

Vagamon Lake nestled in between three green hills, picturesque surroundings, and lush greenery make this place most memorable. The surrounding hills have glossy green grass carpet which is always blooming with vibrant flowers. Vagamon Lake is not a huge one but is big enough for boating, rowing, and similar water activities. This place is wildly popular among photography enthusiasts and solitude seekers.Pedal and rowing boats are available at marginal rates and experience extraordinary experience blend with a tranquil atmosphere.

Kurisumala Hill

The word Kurisumala means Mount of the Cross. Situated at the height of almost 4,000 ft and it is a Christian Pilgrim centre. Kurishumala located on the hilltop, this spot features a statue of Jesus Christ holding a cross. Pilgrims also visit it on the occasion of Good Friday and the church has 14 crosses on its pathway. Devoteesclimb up the hills with wooden crosses. Murugan Mala is another hill which locates to the east of this church and is a rock-cut temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. It's an important religious centre for the Christians.

Mundakayam Ghat

Mundakayam Ghat is a ghat passing through a mesmerizing terrain in the region. This terrain also makes the ghat an apt location for paragliding. It is a famous sunrise and sunset point, and one among the most highly recommended Vagamon places to visit, the rocky and unfavourable road leading up to this place makes the exclusive experience. It is a panoramic place with amazing views and is famous for bird watching and nature walks. This place is also popular among adventure seekers. This place offers paragliding festival, organized by the ASSTA (Adventure Sports and Sustainable Tourism Academy).


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