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Thekkady is one of Kerala's most popular destinations, and it is famous for its exotic wildlife, spice plantations, and it offers a very peaceful and calm atmosphere. Its exclusive environment and land specialities provide a perfect spot for all adventure lovers. India's largest wildlife sanctuary is a dream destination and preserved area for those who like to explore nature. The Country's sole Tiger reserve, Thekkady, with its extraordinary treasures of tropical flora and fauna is one of the primary reservoirs of many endangered species and a rich tribal culture which made the destination as "nature lover's paradise". Thekkady is at an altitude of 700m above the sea level, and it is an exclusive combination of evergreen and semi-evergreen forests of Western Ghats. Thekkady, with its unspoiled tropical forests and incredible wealth of animal and plant life, is a pleasant heaven on earth.

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Which are the Top Attraction places in Thekkady ?

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary is on the banks of River Periyar, which offers some of the best wildlife sightings in India. In this breathtaking location of Kerala, this national park and wildlife sanctuary is the protected area for elephants and tigers. A large variety of plants and animals found in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and it covers an area of about 900 sq km. The park had a lake at the heart of the sanctuary which is an artificial 100 years old lake and is known for its wild elephants and lush green forests. In Periyar, one can find lots of ways to enjoy the wilderness of the sanctuary. The availability of Jeep Safari, elephant safari, and most charming boat cruises at Periyar Lake will bring the wildlife experience more rewarding.

Mangla Devi Temple

The journey to the temple is an exciting and daring experience. The temple is not only visited by pilgrims, but this tourist spot is frequented by those who are in search of a quiet area with pristine ambience. It is within the Periyar Tiger Reserves in the northern boundary. This place is famous because of its 1000 years old temple of Mangaladevi. The way to the temple is through dense forest and grasslands that also offer mind-blowing experience. The temple is famous for its Pandyan architecture. The boundary walls and the steps leading to the temple made up of huge stones. 

Kadathanadan Kalari Centre

Kadathanadan Kalari Centre is the place which offers a live firsthand experience of the renowned artist. Martial art performed here is not just for entertainment purpose but also to teach people self-defence practices in a very efficient manner. The activity takes place in a spacious and beautifully designed gallery offering its guests with a clear vision of the program from a safe distance. Experience Kerala's glorious skilled forms of art. Kathakali and Kalaripayattu are two strong pillars upon which the state's art and culture heritage is the best place to explore Kerala's traditional unique culture, and this art is a souvenir to the present world


It is ideally in the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. Considered to be one of the best tourism spots in the Idukki district, this beautiful village stands unique with its eco-tourism projects. This place offers a stunning scenic view of sunrise and sunset with the help of a telescope placed on the top. Chellarkovil always attracts tourists from all over the world. This quaint village has started figuring prominently among the popular places to visit in Thekkady. The stunning natural beauty of this place offers an exclusive experience for nature lovers. Chellarkovil is famous for its greenish mountains, cascading waterfalls and picturesque beauty. The destination is around 1200 m above sea level.


Gavi is one of the significant eco-tourism centres in Kerala; The journey to Gavi is itself an exciting and rejuvenating experience for the nature lovers. One of the unique features of Gavi is getting a chance to camp inside the forest. This unique concept initiated as a part of the Gavi Eco-Tourism Project. It offers complete jungle wildness, and it is the best way to escape from a busy life. This place still unexploited and preserved, and it is a heaven for bird lovers and bird watchers. It offers exclusive sights of hills and valleys, tropical forests, grasslands, spectacular waterfalls, cardamom plantation. Gavi is the best option for those who dream of experiencing complete jungle wildness.

Elephant Junction Thekkady

Elephant Junction, Thekkady, located near Kumily nestled in a lush jungle and cardamom plantations. It is an excellent place for getting to know elephants, take exciting elephant rides, feeding them, bathe them and get showered by them. It is a fun activity enjoyable for kids and adults .it is a place where offer direct interaction with an elephant. It is a large area close to nature and offers various activities and help to know about elephant within their natural habitat. 


Vandanmedu is an unparalleled exotic experience for those who love rich spices of Kerala. It is a beautiful village located in the high mountain range, and it is famous for the most massive production of cardamom. A walk through the plantation, enjoying the aroma of cardamom will be the most beautiful experience, which is an exclusive experience of this location. The lively environment and intoxicating aroma will leave an indelible mark. The spice grows, nurtured and sold here in Vandanmedu and is high in demand. It is the best place for the spice trade.


Pandikuzhi is one of the gorgeous Thekkady tourist places; This hill station is between Chellarkovil and the Tamil Nadu border. The deep valleys, the exotic flora and fauna, the unique heritage, the beautiful streams, the splashing waterfalls, are some of the specialities of pandikuzhi. The waterfalls and variety of flora and fauna offer the most incredible pleasure experience for nature lovers. It provides rich greenery and best experience for adventure lovers. The virgin environment makes trekking and other activities most memorable. In simple words, it is heaven for those who like to escape from the busy schedule and be with nature.


Murikkady is an ideal picnic spot for families and nature lovers. Beautiful spice plantations stretch through the area and if offer aroma of the coffee, pepper, and cardamom gives authentic scenes of nature. It offers panoramic views of lush green gardens and long chains of hills. It is the right place to rejuvenate our mind and health. This place is famous for its vast stretches of plantations and scenic beauty along with the climate.

Mullaperiyar dam

This place offers unique sights of water cascading down from a towering height of 155 ft. Mullaperiyar Dam is a masonry gravity dam on the Periyar River located 881 m (2,890 ft) above the sea level, on the Cardamom Hills. Mullaperiyar dam is in the Periyar tiger reserve, and it offers beautiful views of the tiger reserve and Periyar Lake. It offers mountain walks and trekking trail for adventure enthusiasts. The tall, dense trees impart a sense of peace and make the place real heaven for nature lovers.


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