Munnar Travel Guide

A travel guide on Munnar, on of the major attractions of Kerala is a help for those who travel to Munnar. This Munnar travel guide helps you with basic understanding of where the location is and how to travel to Munnar. The blissfully serene land of Munnar is a jewel in Kerala’s crown. The majestic hilltop provides a serendipitous view of misty mountains and luscious green valleys.

Despite it being a bustling hub for tourists year round, Munnar still maintains it’s natural charm. Munnar never ceases to amaze visitors with its beauty and serenity.

We’ve put together a short, free Munnar travel guide to help you get a glimpse of all that the hill station has to offer.

Munnar Travel Guide

The Munnar Travel Guide is a digital eBook that contains concise and helpful information on everything that Munnar has to offer. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • The history of Munnar, including some interesting facts
  • List of popular tourists places with mesmerizing photographs
  • Recommended hotels, resorts and restaurants
  • Climactic conditions, insider tips and a detailed map of Munnar

Whether you’re planning to visit Munnar for the first time, or the umpteenth, you’ll be sure to find this guide quite handy with this Munnar travel guide.

This is absolutely FREE! and can be available by clicking the link . So While planning a munnar trip, Few travel tips which help you during the travel also is a must read by clicking the link. Our most read article on how to plan a trip to Kerala gives you vast understanding of Munnar and other destinations of Kerala. Click here

We strongly recommend to go through above links to understand what all Kerala has to offer. Most important is the Munnar travel guide. Once you read the above articles you would be in a position to filter the important places you wish to visit in Kerala. With the help of a tour organiser, you would be able to plan a trip to Munnar with ease. You can always contact us for any help required at this point.


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