Discover: Backwaters of Kochi

This is the sixth post in the Kerala backwater Series. In this post, we will be traveling around Kochi and its close lying backwaters… A holiday spent in Kochi would be an exotic mix of history, modern city life, and water world. By water world,  I meant the backwaters adjacent to the sea, almost making…

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17 Picturesque Village Photos of Kerala

According to Mahatma Gandhi, known in India as the Father of the Nation, “India lives in her villages.” Its so true! Kerala’s true beauty  is found in its villages. Few of the Photos of Kerala is updated hereIf you really want to see and feel the real Kerala, head over to some villages in Kerala.…

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Feel the Beauty of Kollam Backwaters

This is the fifth post in the Kerala Backwaters Series. Lets explore backwaters of Kollam and nearby regions, in this post. The coastal district of Kollam formerly known as Quilon lies 70 km from Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala. The first thing that comes to the mind of a Keralite when he hears of Kollam…

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Valentine’s Day in Kerala

Ways to spend valentine's day in Kerala

At a certain stage in your life you look forward eagerly to a Day in the middle of February, the day you can openly express your feelings towards your partner. You take time to listen to him/her in rapture. You exchange gifts for which you probably have been saving for months because you want to…

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Valentine’s Day Packages to Kerala

Do you want to go somewhere special for this Valentine’s day? Valentine’s is a special occasion to celebrate your love. It is an ideal time to indulge in a romantic gateway. Kerala is one such place where the nature rejuvenates you from the stress of life and help you to love more! We have many…

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Traversing Backwaters of Kuttanad

Kerala Houseboat Ride in Kuttanad

This is the fourth post in Kerala backwater series. In this post we are exploring Kuttanad and its backwater stretches…Kuttanadu is called the rice-bowl of Kerala. It is the area of lowest altitude in Kerala. As a consequence, farming here is carried on below sea level!  Kuttanadu has some legend associated with the origin of…

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