6 Popular Trails for Trekking in Kerala

Kerala is blessed¬† with tropical forests and green misty mountain ranges. And to walk through them enjoying the flora and fauna …is simply breathtaking (and can make you little breathless too!). This article provide different trails for Trekking in Kerala Trekking is one of the most popular adventure activities you can do while visiting Kerala.…

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Top 7 Scenic Rivers in Kerala

There are 44 rivers in Kerala mostly originating in the Western Ghats as rivulets, later joined by tributaries to grow into large rivers and flowing westwards ending up in the Arabian Sea or in the famous backwaters of Kerala. Some of these are great rivers worth the name, but quite a lot are big streams…

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7 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Kerala

Athirappilly waterfalls

Kerala’s forests are punctuated with small and large streams that merge together to form luscious waterfalls. The swishing and whooshing sound of the flowing stream add to the charm. These coaxes just about anyone to spend hours just gazing at the mesmerizing beauty of the beautiful waterfalls. You will feel the presence of that eternal…

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6 Must See Tourist Places in Calicut

Kozhikode Beach

Calicut was the capital of Malabar in the north of Kerala when Zamorins ruled. It was the Spice Capital and very prosperous. This attracted¬† foreigners who found the rulers friendly and tolerant. The Arabs were the first to arrive. They were followed by Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and finally the British. The rivalry between them resulted…

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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala

Nowadays we plan our honeymoon as soon as the wedding date is fixed. Honeymoon is the best time to get to know your spouse and enjoy quality time together. Its is always better to plan in advance as you have to select a place mutually acceptable, find the details and reserve the rooms.¬† I admit…

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5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Kerala

Is there anyone who does not welcome a cruise in the cool waters of a placid lake and if possible stay in a houseboat for a couple of days enjoying the heavenly views around, while dining on fresh fish and other ethnic dishes? Here is few of the Lakes in Kerala. So here are five…

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