Top 10 Ecotourism Spots in Kerala

Geologically and ecologically fragile, pristine and exotic natural environments should be handled with kid gloves by man. His duty is to support conservation efforts, so that the endangered fauna and flora do not suffer at his hands. Man should not intervene in the life style of the tribes who may have made it their natural…

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Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kerala

Kerala is home to an interesting medley of luxurious, semi-evergreen, tropical moist and deciduous forests in whole of South India. The wide variety of endemic species and rare flora and fauna make it one of the most sought after destination for people keen on wildlife. Here are most of the Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kerala Did…

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21 Offbeat Travel Destinations In Kerala

Kerala has a lot more to offer than the popular destinations we see advertised all over the web and other media. One of the sure ways to truly have a fun and adventure filled holiday is to explore places that lie off the beaten path!! Travel Destinations In Kerala is an article talks about this.…

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Bird Sanctuaries of Kerala

Birds In Kerala

Bird Sanctuaries of Kerala is ever attracting one for the bird watchers. Almost 28% of the total land area of Kerala state is forest…yes, dense tropical forest. So naturally, it is home to many species of birds and animals. Many of these forest areas are now protected and declared as wildlife sanctuaries and reserves. Pond…

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13 Places to see in Munnar

Munnar, Hill Station in Kerala

This article provides you in-depth knowledge of Places to see in Munnar for your next vacation. Update: New handy Munnar tourist destination map is added below. The PDF copy of the map is available for instant FREE download!!  Click here.. This article explains on must see places in Munnar. Munnar is one of the most…

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Fishing…For Fun at Njarakkal Aqua Fish Farm

Njarrakal Backwaters

Njarakkal Aqua Fish Farm is in Cochin. National Geographic Traveler was never more right when it tagged Kerala backwaters in the list of 50 important, must-visit tourist destinations in the world. UNESCO has also tagged Kerala and its backwaters as a World Heritage site. In fact, you can enjoy a kaleidoscope of Kerala culture when…

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