Walkways in Kerala for Lazy Evening Stroll

What could be more romantic or relaxing than a stroll along one of the most scenic places in the world, with beckoning backwaters to keep you company and pristine serenity and greenery to sooth your soul? There are so many places in Kerala where you can feel one with nature, where you can feel the magic in God’s creations. Walkways are one. Walkways in Kerala are worth visiting too.

Kerala has some amazing walkways that would take you to a new level of peace and happiness. We’ve chosen 6 of the best places. Take your pick from these for your next break, and lose yourself in the beauty and tranquillity.

1. Queen’s Walkway

Queen's Walkway

Image by Shady59 via Wikimedia

The Queen’s Walkway, located at the Goshree Chathiyath road in Kochi, is the most treasured spot for people who need to exercise, and for tourists too. In the early mornings and evenings, you can see a lot of people walking, jogging and bicycling while kids practice on their roller skates, having fun in their own little way.

People feeding the pigeons in the backdrop of the sea are amazing sights to capture on your camera, especially when the sun is just rising. It’s a magically refreshing stop to spend your evenings too, and the aroma of various delicacies from the street vendors is too tempting to ignore.

2. Mahe Walkway

Mahe Walkway

Image by mahe.gov.in via Wikimedia

Mahe or Mayyazhi is a small town at the mouth of the Mahe River in Kannur. The town is noted for its incredible walkway, the Mahe walkway. Resembling a necklace adorning the beautiful Mahe town, the walkway is well-lit, and park benches are installed at regular intervals. You can perch yourself on one of these benches and gaze into nature while the wind continues to embrace you through its soothing breeze.

The walkway offers an elevated view of the beach, and you can enjoy glimpses of the local boats, with fishermen out on their fishing expeditions, in the distance.

3. Streetscape Walkway

Streetscape Walkway

Image by Kochi Metro Rail Ltd. via Flickr

Streetscape Walkway was constructed by the Kochi Metro Rail Limited and is a recent addition to Kochi. Located in Panampilly Nagar, this 750-meter walkway in Kochi is part of an endeavor to beautify Kochi. The walkway is popular among pedestrians, walking enthusiasts and cyclists.

It is entirely safe too, so if you want to take a stroll at 12 in the night, you are most welcome. The walkway is built alongside Shihab Thangal Road, and the aim was to promote a street where not only motor vehicles can ply, but cyclists and pedestrians can safely commute too.

4. Beypore Walkway

Beypore Walkway

Image by Pradeep717 via Wikimedia

The Beypore Walkway in the south of Kozhikode Centre, Kozhikode is an amazing place to have a stroll in the evenings. The area around the walkway is important historically too because it was a trader’s hub once upon a time. You can gaze into the ocean and even catch a glimpse or two of the dolphins poking their noses in the air.

The major attraction near the walkway is the rocky pier, Pulimuttu. If you wish, you can drive through the walkway, wait for the Jankar, cross the Chaliyar River and venture into the village of Chaliyam. The best time to visit the walkway would be early in the morning, as it gets crowded by evening.

5. Marine Drive Walkway

Marine Drive Walkway

Image by Deepak via Wikimedia

The natural beauty of Kerala can be enjoyed in its fullest form at the Marine Drive Walkway.  Quite unlike the other marine drives in India, this is quite literally a walkway where no vehicles are allowed. You can appreciate the beauty of the backwaters, munch on peanuts, taste some ice-cream, hop for a ride on the boat (both country boats and motor boats are available), or simply sit back and take in the beauty while a mild breeze caresses your skin and hair.

The walkway is characterized by two beautiful bridges, and you can watch the boats from there. Make sure you have a camera handy in your hand, because you will find many subjects to point your lens at.

A new walkway, modelled on a riceboat has also been added to the charm of Marine Drive. Shaped like a boat, the 1.5 kilometer walkway is set up behind the High Court and extends to Goshree Bridge. Apart from being a picturesque promenade, the area is also replete with shopping centers, cafes, eateries, malls and lot more. It is one of the major hubs in Kochi, so brace yourself for the crowd.

6. Thenmala Walkway

Thenmala Walkway

Image by Kerala Tourism via Wikimedia

If you love the forest, the quietness and the greenery, you would fall in love with the Thenmala Walkway at Thenmala.  Intensely beautiful, the nature trail winds along breathtaking forest scenes punctuated by canopy trees, as you walk up the steps of the walkway.

The walkway is made of wooden planks and supported by concrete pillars, making it one of the most sought-after tourist spots in Kollam. Other attractions include rock climbing, rifle shooting, boating and trekking.

Walking is a great exercise for the mind and the body, and when you are able to do it amidst gorgeous scenery and enchanting natural beauty, it turns out to be a matchless endeavor. Enjoy your walk along these amazing walkways and go home refreshed, happy, peaceful and energized.

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