Kerala Women only tour packages

You’ve already been on a trip with your family, friends, or life partner. But few people dare to hit the road on their own. Kerala women only tour packages can be a lot of fun but also a bit stressful. Especially if you’ve never travelled alone before. Grouping with your lady friends, going for an outing in a while ,makes all mood swings back to normal. This bring more vibrant moments for the trip.

Some of the travelers I met in Kerala were taking each unplanned day as it came. They are going to India to have fun along with lady friends than moving around with family.

If you are a group of ladies and wants to travel, Kerala makes your perfect choice to be. You can pick your best Kerala Tour Packages as Kerala is educated, Kerala is social to be, Kerala is progressive ,Kerala gives equality to women and majority of women forms the working class here. Travelling alone in Kerala is simply like moving with breeze.

While doing Solo travel in Kerala, take the 5 things in mind:

  • Use public transport like buses, metro, train etc..
  • Autos make safe, if its booked from the same resort or wherever you stay.
  • Pick comfort clothing, not to impress.
  • Give Respect & Take respect
  • Carry your mobile phones wherever you go.

What things not to miss while in Kerala

Kerala is such a privileged state from where you can learn a lot and enjoy the utmost. Never miss the following things while in Kerala

1. Kerala food

Kerala is famous for its spicy and tasty mouthwatering dishes. A typical Malayali (Kerala inhabitants) should be with pot belly and fat, its all due to the tasty food here. Once you are at Kerala, you should try the native “kappa ” and “meenkurry”, Nadan sadhya(food served on plantain leaf), Malabar dhum biriyani, nadan chicken curry etc are added to it.

Keralan cuisine is very much influenced by its geography and is a delicious blend of super-fresh seafood, exotic spices and tropical ingredients. A delight for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

2. Kerala beaches

Beaches made the soul of Kerala. Beaches packs the best itinerary in Kerala Tour Packages.

3. Houseboat stay for Women

Aleppey, the Venice of East is famous for its houseboats and houseboat stay. Never miss the backwater tour at Aleppey inside a houseboat.Trust me, Its really, splendid in a Kerala tour.

4. Coffee and Tea plantations

A day starting without a coffee or tea is simply not assumable for a Keralite, as a cup of tea /coffee makes their days rich . Kerala trips always have this mandatory part in their itinerary, to include a tea museum or a tea/coffee plantations.

5. Kathakali and Theyyam for Women

The performing arts are hugely important in Keralan culture and the region has a well-preserved art and cultural heritage. Performances are as popular with locals as they are with visitors with Kathakali, a classical dance from the 17th century, and Chakyarkoothu, a kind of comedy satire, performed – and eagerly attended – throughout Kerala.

Check the Kerala Kathakali Centre, Kerala Kalamandalam, Folklore Museum or Kadathanadan Kalari & Navarasa Kathakali Centre for performance. Fort Kochi hosts Mohiniyattam dances, Theyyam performances and kalaripayattu martial art, too., which should be included in your model tour packages from Kerala. Kerala has many festivals also.

6. Kerala backwaters

Life here follows more gentle rhythms, with fishermen pulling in nets, women washing pots at the side of the river and kids heading off to school in slender canoes. It is also a haven for wildlife, especially birds like kingfishers and fish eagles.The backwaters and houseboat are also famous for its traditional rice barges, distinctive wooden vessels especially designed to negotiate the waterways here. The back waters of Kerala and the people are friendly to Kerala Women only Tour Packages

7. Ayurvedic Treatment at Women only centres

Ayurveda is the oldest healthcare system in the world. Ayurveda is trendy enough to occupy showcases of modern world medicines. It is the pride time to say Kerala is fond of Ayurveda and Ayurveda massages. So don’t miss the opportunity to have an authentic Kerala massage. It will be the best amazing part in your Kerala tour Package. When you are with a group with only women, make sure you visit only approved centres for ayurveda treatments.

When you are in a Kerala Women only Tour Packages, make sure you enjoy all that mentioned above. Trust us – Kerala is a safe destination for women travellers.

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