13 Exotic Souvenirs of Kerala

Souvenirs are keepsakes or tokens of remembrance of some cherished memories, one experienced in the past. And traveling is often a time we accumulate lot of happy memories.  Who doesn’t enjoy narrating travel tales with supporting evidence to boot, such as photographs, ethnic artifacts from a distant land? Souvenirs of Kerala provide details of this… Continue reading 13 Exotic Souvenirs of Kerala

50 Stunning Kerala Images

A guide to visit Munnar

Kerala has many faces and names. Some call it as the ‘Land of Coconuts’… and some “Land of Spices” while some call it ‘Land of Elephants’! It is indeed incredible with its unique geographic features, rich cultural tradition and history… Here are few of the Kerala Images But then nothing is perfect. Kerala has its… Continue reading 50 Stunning Kerala Images