Weekend Getaway – Madayipara

  An over-strained mind and body will feel in seventh heaven on experiencing the stunning beauty of Mother Nature. And, when family members and friends come together for a weekend trip, there’s nothing short of happiness. This weekend, let’s dive deep into the lap of Nature with an exhilarating journey to Madayipara, considered one of… Continue reading Weekend Getaway – Madayipara

Mankayam Waterfalls – Weekend Getaway

This article is about Mankayam Waterfalls which can be visited as a weekend gateway. Kerala’s harvest festival Onam is round the corner. At this time of the year, the face of God’s own country is resplendent with floral carpets, boat races, cultural fests, folk dances like Pulikali and the multi course Onasadhya. It’s celebration everywhere… Continue reading Mankayam Waterfalls – Weekend Getaway

Is Life Short?

Is Life Short? is an article on how we see life, from a different perspective. We live in a society that teaches us life is too short to live. If that is the case, why should we worry all the day? Why should we have aim in life? Why should we work hard? Why should… Continue reading Is Life Short?