Hot Air Balloon Festival in Munnar

If you are an adventure lover, an exciting new opportunity awaits you at Munnar – the central adventure destination of Kerala. OK Online, an Internet service company based at the Start up Village, Kochi has decided to launch ‘The Hot Air Balloon Festival of Kerala, 2015’ in Munnar. Hot Air Ballooning in the form of ‘Tethered Joy Rides’ will…

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Top 7 Adventure Activities in Kerala

Bamboo Rafting along the River

The magnetic beauty of the majestic mountains donning the Western Ghats and the emerald blue-green waters of the Arabian Sea blending in a kind of exotic harmony with the natural forests and their amazing flora and fauna invite millions of people to Kerala. This perfect setting lures adventure enthusiasts to indulge in adrenaline-driven activities. Here lets…

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Valentine’s Day in Kerala

Ways to spend valentine's day in Kerala

At a certain stage in your life you look forward eagerly to a Day in the middle of February, the day you can openly express your feelings towards your partner. You take time to listen to him/her in rapture. You exchange gifts for which you probably have been saving for months because you want to…

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