The Devout Traveler’s Guide to Sabarimala

  Sabarimala, the erstwhile land of Lord Ayyappa, is a famed religious destination in South India where thousands of devotees come from everywhere and seek blessings – some for the first time in their lives, some for the nth time. History Sabarimala has an interesting mythological history, linked to the lives of King of Pandalam,…

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Top 10 Spices of Kerala

Kerala has always been famous for rich and exotic spices and that was also the main reason why ancient traders followed the ‘spice routes’ (to Kerala) and established trade centers in the state. Through this article, we would introduce you to the various condiments Kerala is famous for and their uses. More about these Spices…

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Kerala Culture and Traditions – 6 Little Known Facts

Kerala Culture and Traditions - 6 Little Known Facts

  This stunningly beautiful land in the southern most tip of India has always been an intriguing factor for tourists and visitors from all over the world. Kerala has everything – a myriad potpourri of various cultures, exotic wildlife, sprawling backwaters, lush greenery all around, not to speak of the exquisite cuisine prepared exclusively for you. Kerala Culture…

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The Mesmerizing Backwaters of Kerala: A Photo Blog

The backwaters of Kerala have always been one of the greatest tourist attractions in the state. The tranquility and sereneness that can be found in the regions surrounding the water are truly unmatched. The backwaters run along the entire length of the state of Kerala, covering several districts, each with its own unique charm and appeal.…

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7 ‘Out of the Crowd’ Camping Locations in Kerala

Kerala is a desirable place, with tranquil backwaters, exotic wildlife, mesmerizing tea estates, lush green landscapes, swaying coconut trees along the shoreline and sweetly beckoning hill stations. Camping Locations in Kerala provide details to a traveller. If you have been through all the spots that have been advertised as Kerala’s most favored tourist spots, how…

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12 Yummiest Snacks in Kerala

12 Yummiest Snacks Kerala in Kerala

A trip to Kerala will not be complete without sampling the best delicacies the state has to offer. Of special note are the varieties of snacks that are specific to each region within God’s own country. Few of the Snacks in Kerala is mentioned here. Most of the yummy snacks that Kerala is famous for,…

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