Weekend Getaway – Tholpetty


The impending deadlines, the next call from the boss, the panic call from the client and a mad rush to get home to prepare for the next day’s meetings/presentations. Seems like a typical day for you? Doing this regularly can take a toll on your mental, physical and spiritual health, and of course your relationship…

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Top 7 Water Sports Tours in Kerala

Water Sports Tours in Kerala

Watersports is an attractive prospect for tourists visiting India, and incidentally, Kerala is a favored destination for water-based activities. You might have thought that Kerala is all about backwaters, waterfalls, hill stations, and forests, but that’s not all. There are a number of water-based activities that you can enjoy while at Kerala. Check out 7…

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Incredible Colors of India – 10 Destinations

The melody of colors that constitute India make it special, and it’s one of the prime reasons why tourists are attracted to the country. While visiting a destination, it is the colors that stay fresh in the visual memory, so here are some Incredible Colors of India that you can etch in your memory while…

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Weekend Getaway – Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi

Walking down the promenade at Fort Kochi glimpsing the magnificent Lake Vembanad, lovingly known as Kochi Kayal, while the glorious sun sets in the horizon, you will know you’ve been treated to a fitting end to one of the best days of your life (visiting Fort Kochi, of course). The red sun-seeking refuge in the…

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Enchanting places in Kerala

Places in Kerala that are Both Enchanting And Dangerous

Kerala, one of the most beautiful destinations in South India, is resplendent with incredible “things to do” opportune spots. While the places in Kerala are destined to take your breath away, there are some tourist spots that demand utmost care while you travel. In this article, we have listed some of the most beautiful enchanting places…

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