Kerala Culture

Be a Pakka Keralite this month

Kerala still remains an enigma to its ardent lovers who come back here time and again to enjoy its multiple facets. Apart from its rich cultural heritage and Nature infused with magic, there is something else that lures people to this haven. And it is no wonder that people are attracted to Kerala during the…

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Things to Do in Kerala in September


September is the month in which you can make the most out of your Kerala trip. You know why? The climate is perfect, the monsoon is over and the days are warm. And there are some additional surprises too! The top most among many activities awaiting you this month are: 1. Watch Athachamayam  Image by Sivavkm via…

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Things to Do in Kerala in August

  August is the month when Kerala looks really beautiful. Monsoon season is almost over andthe entire environment looks rejuvenated. The fields are green, sky is blue and water ispristine! The scent of fresh flowers and chirping of birds make your stay in Kerala heavenly. Apart from enjoying the serenity of Nature, there are many…

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Things to Do in Kerala in July

  The south west monsoon reaches its zenith in Kerala during the month of July. The days of incessant rains are interspersed with reading and imbibing religious texts, indulging in rejuvenation therapies or even refreshing some sweet old memories! Check out some of these activities that you can do and some of the places that…

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Things to Do in Kerala in June

Things to do in Kerala in June

  Visiting Kerala during June is an enthralling experience. The first showers of the South-west monsoon are a welcome respite from the scorching summer. This is also the time of the year when scenic beauty reaches its peak. There is a fresh dash of greenery everywhere. Rivers, waterfalls and a foggy landscape present an alluring…

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Things to Do in Kerala in May

Things to do in Kerala in May

  The best time to travel to Kerala is during the September to March months. And since it is a time people choose to travel to Kerala for their vacation, the rates for hotels, restaurants, cabs, resorts and tour packages will be slightly higher in May month also. Though touted as one of the hottest…

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